Hormone Hope for Gulf War Syndrome

Published: August 7, 2012

I consider Gulf War Syndrome to simply be one more form of CFS/FM — and a new study supports this perspective.

Gulf War Syndrome is the CFS/FM-like disease suffered by many veterans from that war. But it's simply a new name for an old problem — the intense and overwhelming stress of war causes the brain's hypothalamus to "blow a fuse," triggering many symptoms, such as chronic fatigue and chronic pain.

In this new study, a team of UK researchers found that 9 of 11 patients with Gulf War Syndrome also had low levels of thyroid hormones and testosterone — hormonal imbalances also found commonly in men with CFS/FM. When the hormones were replaced, the condition improved.


"Hull hospital pioneers Gulf War Syndrome treatment," BBC, August 26, 2011

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