How can I address vulvodynia and thyroid cancer?

Published: November 2, 2012

I had just purchased your book Pain Free 1-2-3 because I've suffered from pelvic pain/vulvodynia for the past 5+ years with not a lot of response to treatment. I am a big believer in nutrition and holistic approach to medicine (mind/body). All blood tests were normal except my vitamin D was very low. I was wondering if there is anything else I can do?

My other question is, I was diagnosed with thyroid follicular cancer last year in which they removed my entire thyroid and they have me on synthroid 112 mg. I feel kind of sluggish but I also have a toddler. My TSH is on the low side (normal in cancer patients) at least what the doc tells me but my T-4 is normal, I've gained some weight and my doc told me that there is no correlation between thyroid and weight. I find that bizarre as I am certain that the thyroid controls your metabolism.

And, I've been reading your book and you mention Acetyl L-carnitine. I heard that it can interfere with thyroid replacement hormone intake.

If you could kindly advise, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much!



See the book chapter on pelvic pain. Beyond that, you should to determine if it is nerve pain vs. muscle pain and then treat accordingly. That the tests are normal means little.

For the thyroid cancer, the doctor will aim to keep the thyroid on the high side. But as long as the thyroid is adequately suppressed, I then (in my patients) adjust the dose and form of thyroid based on clinical signs and symptoms (including energy and weight).

I have no problem combining acetyl l carnitine and thyroid.


Dr. T

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