Must Trazadone be taken on a regular basis?

Published: November 7, 2012

Trazadone is one of the sleep aids that you recommend, and you state that it has an anti-anxiety benefit. Must it be taken on a regular basis to receive this benefit? I am looking for a sleep aid that I can take once in a while that is non-habit-forming. You recommend this, so I would like to know your thoughts. Also, can I take Ativan near the time I have taken the trazadone? One more question. :) Do you recommend temazapam as a good sleep aid? Why or why not?

Thank you.




Dear Joy,

Trazadone can be taken intermittently or on a regular basis and is not addictive. It can be taken with Ativan. I do NOT recommend temazepam, because it is a valium family medication that reduces the time spent in deep sleep, forcing people into light sleep.


Dr. T

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