If I oversleep, should I still take my T3, or would it be too late in the day?

Published: November 5, 2012

Dear Dr. T:

I badly overslept today. I did not get up until 11:15 a.m. I was not sure if I should take my bio-identical time-release T3 hormone that late in the day. Or even wait 30 minutes as I usually do and take my other morning stuff. Is it better just to skip it? Or put the other way, if I don’t get to sleep until 4:00 am, is it better to take my T3 right then, and take my supplements maybe around 9 or 10 am when I wake up? I am exhausted trying to juggle the supplements, hormones, and such these days.



I have people take the T3 first thing when they wake, even if later in the day. Can leave at bedside (a single dose so it is clear whether you took it or not so you don't double dose) and take if you rouse after 7 am and go back to sleep.


Dr. T

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