What could be causing my popping joints in Fibromyalgia?

Published: October 29, 2012

I have just purchased your book. I have had Fibro for 30 years. I have started snapping ligaments and tendons, adding more pain. What could cause this?

Many thanks.




Dear Carol,

If by snapping you mean tearing/rupturing, this is not part of FMS. If you mean making snapping/popping noises around the joints, that is usually simply because the muscles are tight, so the tendons attached to them are also pulled tight. Because of this, instead of gliding silently over bony prominences in the joints, they have a little snap as they cross over these, and sometimes make the snapping noise. In these cases, it is no big deal, but should not be causing more pain. So have your doctor check you over, but the benign cause above is the usual cause.


Dr. T

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