Sleep Important in Fibromyalgia Recovery

Published: September 29, 2012

This is yet another study showing that getting optimal sleep is important for recovering from fibromyalgia and handling life stresses as well.

89 women with fibromyalgia kept a daily diary of both their sleep quality and fibromyalgia symptoms. The authors concluded:

"Sleep duration and quality were prospectively related to affect and fatigue. Furthermore, the effects of inadequate sleep on negative affect were cumulative. In addition, an inadequate amount of sleep prevented affective recovery from days with a high number of negative events."


Hamilton NA, Affleck G, Tennen H, Karlson C, Luxton D, Preacher KJ, Templin JL. Fibromyalgia: The role of sleep in affect and in negative event reactivity and recovery. Health Psychol. 2008 Jul;27(4):490-7.

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