Are there other options for back problems then surgery?

Published: September 22, 2013

I have spondylolisthesis & a cyst on a disc, bulging disc and narrowing disc. I don't have back pain but i have leg pain. My back problem is L3,L4, L5. I'm schedule for surgery. Do you have any other options?


Many. X ray abnormalities do NOT mean the changes are causing the pain. Seeing a good Chiropractor, or an MD/DO pain specialist who does trigger point evaluations and treatments can be a very good start. Herbal mixes such as End Pain and Curamin (I would use both 2 tabs of each 3 x day for 6 weeks then as needed) can be very helpful for back pain (give 6 weeks to see the full effect) and can be taken with other pain meds. And there is much more. See my book Pain Free 1-2-3 for more. Hope this is helpful. P.S. I live on the Big Island :-)

Dr. T

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