Are your supplements (d-ribose) safe to take with medications?

Published: April 17, 2013

Are your recommended supplements safe to take on certain meds? I am taking Apriso and lipitor. Thank you.


The supplements are safe to be taken with most meds, with the caution for you to ask your doctor in general when they give a medication if there are food or supplement interactions that you should be concerned with. With Lipitor (which imho is very overused and can trigger or worsen FMS), I give CoEnzyme Q 10 at 400 mg a day as lipitor causes this to be deficient. The main medication/supplement interaction is with Coumadin. The supplements on my site are OK with Lipitor and aspirin, though some may enhance the blood thinning effect of the aspirin (a good thing overall). But check your your physician to be sure they are OK as well.

Dr T

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