Can you take both D-ribose and ATP supplements?

Published: October 7, 2013

My doctor recommended ATP as a supplement for my fatigue. I noticed in your book From Fatigued to Fantastic that you recommend D-ribose. Will taking both of these supplements be too much? Should I only take one or the other? If ATP is what is needed for energy and D-ribose is what the body uses to create ATP, why not just supplement with ATP, are there additional benefits of the d-Ribose. Thank you very much for all of the fantastic information within you book and on your website. You are a wealth of information for those of us struggling with fatigue.


The ribose will supply much higher levels of support than the ATP supplement (as the dosing is 15,000 mg of ribose and perhaps 25 mg of ATP) and the ribose also supports DNA and RNA production. I prefer the Ribose, but would expect it to be OK to combine if one starts with low dosing of the ATP and works up as is comfortable/tolerated well.

Dr. T

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