Do adrenal problems cause weight gain?

Published: October 7, 2013

Hi. My 24 yr old daughter has every classic symptom for adrenal fatigue and low thyroid right down to the "feed me or I'll kill you" symptom. She has suffered this since early high school, but we are finally on the road to understanding and hopefully resolving her problems. However, my daughter is 5'4" and barely 100lbs. She has always been very thin and tried to gain weight, but unsuccessfully. She is very self-conscious about this and wants to look normal. My question is: why does normal discussion of adrenal and thyroid problems always include symptoms of being over-weight when my daughter has the very opposite problem? Thank you!


Actually, low adrenal can cause weight loss (and high adrenal weight gain). Other factors that may travel with these can cause the weight to go either way as well, so treatment may help regardless of the weight.

Dr. T

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