Can sports supplements like Creatine and L Glutamine help CFS?

Published: March 10, 2013

I have had chronic fatigue and headaches like muggy feeling for years and I tried alot of supplements, I have found exercise helps best. I was wondering about sports supplements like Creatine and L Glutamine can they help? It feels to me like the more I stretch and exercise, the more I'm removing tension, fatigue and pain and I need all the energy I can get to repeat this stretching and exercise. Any other supplements you think can help? I am talking the D Ribose, B Complex, Magnesium and Co Q10. I have tried the l carnitine in the past, should I stay taking it? Any suggestions? Thanking you!


The online Energy Analysis Program can guide you on how to optimize your energy. The creatine is largely best for sprint athletes (working only in the first ~ 5 seconds. The glutamine was not helpful in a CFS study. L&B, Dr. T

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