How does high B complex levels affect my chronic fatigue?

Published: October 7, 2013

I had a blood test recently and was told to not take any vitamins with B comlex vitamins in them. My counts were too high. I want to know how this will affect my chronic fatigue?


That is a common misunderstanding. The normal range simply means that you are not in the highest or lowest 2 % of the population (called 2 standard deviations) and being above that range in B vitamins is a good thing. As an analogy, most physicians' incomes are above the "normal range" (on a planet wide scale). So for most B vitamin levels, the higher the better. One possible exception is the vitamin B6 /pyridoxine level in those with overt neuropathic problems, where very high levels may be a concern. So ask why your doctor is concerned. Is there a specific problem that raises his concern, or simply a misunderstanding of what the normal range means (ie- in most cases it simply reflects 2 standard deviations, so people can have deficiencies despite normal labs, such as with thyroid, and sometimes high is good) I hope this is helpful to you and your doctor.

Dr T

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