Is headache a side effect of the Energy Revitalization System or D-Ribose?

Published: May 9, 2013

I've just started taking both of these a few days ago (1 scoop each) in my morning nutriblast. I do feel I have more energy and less fibro-fog. I am now experiencing terrible headaches. Is this a normal side effect and will it subside?


This would be quite unusual but would raise the question of your food/vitamin/mineral sensitivities or drops in blood sugar associated with low adrenal (which the ribose might accentuate). I would stop both of them for a week and see if the headaches go away. If yes, I would add in one at a time each separated by two weeks. If the headaches recur on the ribose I would lower the dose, take it with food, and add adrenal support. If it occurs on the vitamin powder I would do a desensitization program using NAET as the food sensitivities may be contributing to fibromyalgia. Meanwhile, check with your doctor for other causes of the headache, especially if this is a new form of headache.

Dr. T

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