I'be had fibro for over 20 years and now get a lot of jaw pain. Can you recommend anything?

Published: February 28, 2013

Hi , I have suffered with Fibro for more than 20 years however I now get a lot of jaw pain. Can you recommend anything which might help with this. I am currently taking tramadol, Baclofen and clomazapan but when its bad nothing seems to help . Thanks from the UK.


Sounds like TMJ or jaw joint dysfunction.  Reading these recommended articles may help.  Do the muscle test in the first article and consider the topical gels in the articles for the pain (need to see if a compounding pharmacy in the UK will make it, and common recipes are in my book Pain Free 1-2-3 . If they can't, perhaps it can be sent to a friend in the US who can then send it to you). Hope this is helpful. Love and blessings, Dr. T

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