How can I get treatment for Lyme, without a positive blood test?

Published: September 22, 2013

I want to say your book Fatigue to Fantastic has been my bible for the last three years. I have seen 15 doctors and specialists over the past three years. I was initially diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome but with very little lab work to support this diagnosis. Needless , to say , I sat on the sidelines of my life and paced myself, not getting better but worse. When I read your book I started to unravel the mystery of CFS. I went to an infectious disease specialist who did a ton of blood work on me. He found out that I had a tick infection called babesia. I got treatment for that, this past March and am feeling a bit better . My question to you is even though I have been tested many times for Lymes disease , I always have a negative result. My symptoms are becoming neurological and I believe I need to be treated. How do I get a Dr. to give me treatment without the positive test they require?


Go to ILADS and enter your zip code for the name of a Lyme Literate doctor near you that will treat the person, and not just unreliable tests;-)

Dr. T

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