Why can't I absorb Vitamin D, despite taking supplements?

Published: August 29, 2013

I have been coping with low Vitamin D levels for several years now and despite trying many different types of supplements (including drops, chewables, high dose, prescription, etc.) my vitamin D levels continue to decline (last check was at 11). The other problem is that I get very sick with increased fatigue, headaches, nausea and flu-like symptoms when taking any vitamin D supplement, all of which decreases when not taking the supplement. Is there anything you have found that could be causing me to be unable to absorb the Vitamin D and could make it toxic for me? Thank you!


This is why I do not recommend vitamin D levels. The vitamin D exists in many different forms and the levels only check one or a few of them. Because of this, if there is a problem that keeps pushing, for example, the 25 hydroxyvitamin D usually checked into the 1, 25 hydroxyvitamin D form then you can actually become overloaded on vitamin D despite the blood tests being low. So in my patients in this setting I would stop the vitamin D supplementation in most cases keeping the person on a multivitamin with 1000- 2000 units a day and getting sunshine and stop checking the vitamin D levels.

Dr. T

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