Are there supplements to help with goiter and thyroid nodules?

Published: April 29, 2013

I have been diagnosed with nodules yet my thyroid blood test came out normal..step 2 is a visit to the endocrinologist. What natural products can I take. I'm afraid they are going to say surgery. Can I get a jump start on healing! Can any products help goiter? I'm so nervous. I am an avid fan of your book from Fatigued to Fantastic! I don't feel tired anymore since I started taking magnesium and other vitamins but this last year of menopause has wiped me out with sleeplessness,weight loss, hot flashes, and anxiety. I read that thyroid disease is mistaken for the same symptoms as menopause. I would I appreciate some advice since I am a fan of a combination of natural and pharmaceutical medicine! Thank you Dr. T!


This is an area that the endocrinologists know how to handle well, and they will likely recommend a fine needle aspiration (I would do it). If they recommend surgery for nodules, OK to get a second opinion, but it is usually needed if it is recommended. I give my patients with nodules, Iodine 12.5 mg a day (12,500 mcg) for 4 months, then 6.25 mg a day. I consider low dose thyroid hormone support also, though it is controversial as to whether that suppresses nodule growth (but is good in most with FMS/fatigue.) Given what you are describing, in my patients I would then add bioidentical thyroid hormone replacement and see how that helps.

Dr T

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