What could be causing my whole body itching, that seems to get worse with carbohydrates, but with no rash?

Published: April 17, 2013

Thank you for sharing your informative health articles. I have whole body itching and I’m trying to figure out why. What makes it worse is carbohydrates, although I still have it even on a low carb diet. What makes it temporarily better is alkalizing minerals, but these only work for a few hours and then eventually stop working. I’ve tried anti-candida remedies and antihistamines and these did not work. My guess is that something is making my body acidic, perhaps leading to acidosis, and that’s causing the itching. Any idea what that might be and how to stop it? I would appreciate any suggestions.


Without a complete evaluation, I don't know, as it could have numerous causes. Sorry I couldn't be helpful.

Dr T

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