Why do I have such a dramatic reaction to even small doses of T3?

Published: April 16, 2013

Dear Dr. Teitelbaum: I take levothyroxine which helps my fatigue but not enough. I have tested low on T3 many times, but I don't tolerate either Amour thyroid or plain T3 even in small doses such as 1 mcg. I feel great for a few days and then get side effects - tinnitus, chest pain, feeling too jazzed, insomnia, and then exhaustion. This happens even when I take adrenal support in the form of Cortef or Isocort. None of my doctors have an explanation for this. Recently my acupuncturist recommended taking 1/4 mcg every 3 days for a month and then increasing. I'm trying this. Do you have any idea why I get such a dramatic reaction to a small dose of T3? And do you have any suggestions?


Presuming the Free T4 level is not high or high normeal, Consider the plain T4 (Synthroid) plus selenium 100 mcg a day plus make sure your iron levels (checked with a "Ferritin" blood test, which needs to be over 60 even though "normal" is over 12). If it persists despite these, consider NAET desensitization to T3 hormone,, and if it still persists, I leave it off and simply go with the other treatments.

Dr T

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