Do you recommend antivirals to suppress EBV and HHV6?

Published: July 23, 2013

Hello Dr. T, I have been experiencing fatigue for the past six months and other symptoms for over six months. Recent blood work revealed EBV virus high as well as HHV6. My white blood cell count is 3.0. I have been following the shine protocol, but my fatigue continues daily and seems to be increasing and sleep is poor. Recently my GP prescribed Valtrex for nerve pain in my cervical spine and groin area. Is Valtrex safe and will it negatively affect my immune system? I really would like to find a cause to treat properly. Do you recommend at antivirals to suppress EBV and HHV6 and whatever is causing my nerve pain? Also, would Nexavir be safer and more effective antiviral? Do night sweats indicate an infection perhaps viral or bacterial? I really need to get some energy back. Thanks for the help!


It is reasonably safe, but not effective against CMV and HHV 6 viral infections, so I usually use the valcyte protocol in my book instead. But it gets complex and many other factors are involved, so in this setting it would be worthwhile setting up a consult (phone or in person) appt with me. You can call my office at 410-573-5389 or email Denise, my new patient coordinator.

Dr. T

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