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XMRV Not Connected to CFS

Published: July 3, 2012

As just about anyone with CFS/FMS knows, a study in the journal Science in 2009 launched a lively medical debate about the role of the XMRV virus in CFS/FMS, with at least 20 subsequent studies exploring it.

Unfortunately, for everyone hoping to have found a breakthrough, it's starting to look like the XMRV virus may have no connection to CFS/FMS. It appears instead to have simply been a contaminant in the lab chemicals used to measure the amount of the virus.

Low Morning Cortisol in CFS

Published: June 17, 2012

Below is another new study showing decreased morning adrenal cortisol and elevated evening cortisol levels in CFS (which suggest an alteration in day/night rhythms and which would also disrupt sleep). This is on the heels of a recent study showing low morning cortisol in women with CFS and an excellent review article by Dr. Kent Holtorf on the need for and safety of adrenal support in CFS. For a summary of Dr. Holtorf's article see "Adrenal problems in CFS."