PAIN FREE 1-2-3! A Natural Program to Get You Pain Free!

Published: October 25, 2012

Fortunately, most chronic pain can now be effectively addressed!

Pain is not the enemy!

Pain is often simply an important indicator of underlying problems that need to be taken care of, like the red, flashing “low oil” warning light on your car’s dashboard. Therefore, in addition to teaching you how to turn off the pain signal, we will also help you to understand what the pain is trying to tell you that your body's needs. When these are addressed, the pain usually goes away!

So how do I address the underlying problems causing the pain?

Remember the acronym “S. H. I. N. E.” This stands for Sleep, Hormonal support, addressing Infections and Inflammation, Nutritional support, and Exercise. We will briefly review each of these areas and the natural tools that will make it easier to address them.

1) Nutritional Inadequacies

A good multivitamin powder contains over 50 key nutrients in one scoop of a good tasting powder. It is easy to use and literally replaces the need for 35 capsules of nutritional supplements a day. It gives outstanding overall nutritional support!

In addition, we have done 2 studies showing Ribose to be very helpful for pain while increasing energy by an average of 45-60% after only 2-3 weeks! We have even seen patients’ chronic pain go away simply by giving this excellent overall nutritional support.

2) Sleep

Pain patients frequently have insomnia, which is often profound. This contributes to pain. Your body’s repair cycle occurs during sleep and you need 8-9 hours of sleep a night for optimal healing. Put differently, your pain will simply not go away until you regularly get 8 hours of deep sleep a night!

Many natural remedies that are very effective for sleep also directly help pain. My favorite is the combination of 6 herbals contained in an herbal supplement that promotes healthy sleep. For those who find themselves tired all day, but then wide awake at bedtime (suggestive of adrenal problems), the herbal mixes in an herbal sleep-support supplement that promotes healthy cortisol levels or Cortisol Manager can also be helpful.

3) Hormonal Deficiencies

Lab tests for hormonal problems (e.g., thyroid, adrenal, and estrogen/testosterone) are not reliable. Hormonal status needs to be assessed by symptoms and physical exam, and addressed accordingly by a Holistic practitioner.

4) Infections and Inflammation

Although there are many infections involved in pain, we have found that yeast overgrowth is the most important infection to address for. When yeast is properly addressed, chronic sinusitis and spastic colon will also usually go away. The herbals below are excellent at settling down inflammation.

5) Exercise as Able

Though too much can flare your pain (this is the case if you are exhausted from the exercise the day after), maintaining the conditioning that you can is critical for recovery. Start with a short walking program, and increase as tolerated.

Using fibromyalgia as a model for widespread myofascial pain, our research team did a placebo-controlled study addressing with SHINE. The average improvement in quality of life was 90 percent. The majority of patients no longer even qualified for the diagnosis of fibromyalgia after 3 months of therapy! You'll be amazed how even pain that has lasted decades can go away quickly using a high-potency herbal supplement based on curcumin that provides relief for muscle pain (see below). Addressing the underlying causes of the pain with SHINE can also often heal the pain!

What if pain persists after addressing these areas?

My book Pain Free 1-2-3! goes into detail about how to eliminate dozens of the most common types of pain (e.g., headaches, back pain, arthritis, neuropathic pain, abdominal pains, carpal tunnel, etc.). There are literally hundreds of natural and prescription therapies that can be tailored to your specific type of pain.

Here are some excellent and natural pain relievers:

  1. For nerve pain. Lipoic acid (300 mg 2x day), Acetyl L-Carnitine (1,500 mg/day), and a good multivitamin powder. Give it 3 months to work.
  2. Arthritis and back pain. Some very effective natural pain herbals are willow bark, boswellia, and tart cherry. All 3 of these can be found in combination in an herbal supplement that provides relief from pain. Studies show them to work like and to be as or more effective than Motrin related medicines and/or COX 2 inhibitors like Vioxx and Celebrex, but much safer and less expensive. Use these for arthritis or chronic back pain, and give 6 weeks to see the full effect.
  3. General pain (tendonitis, back pain, muscle pain and most pain). An excellent new option for pain relief is a high-potency herbal supplement based on curcumin that provides relief for muscle pain. The reports we have been getting back from people on how it has helped their (often long term and disabling) pain is nothing short of amazing. This has a mix of Boswellia and a new special kind of highly absorbed curcumin to settle inflammation, DL phenylalanine to increase your body’s natural pain fighters, and nattokinase (a natural clot buster). Take the maximum dose for about 1 month to see the full effects, and then as needed — and prepare to be astonished!

In addition, though we have focused on metabolic therapies, do not forget how powerful manipulative therapies, acupuncture, body and energy work, etc., can be in addressing pain — especially when combined with these therapies.

You do not have to be in pain anymore!

Jacob Teitelbaum, MD

is one of the world's leading integrative medical authorities on fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. He is the lead author of eight research studies on their effective treatments, and has published numerous health & wellness books, including the bestseller on fibromyalgia From Fatigued to Fantastic! and The Fatigue and Fibromyalgia Solution. His newest book (June 10, 2024) is You Can Heal From Long COVID. Dr. Teitelbaum is one of the most frequently quoted fibromyalgia experts in the world and appears often as a guest on news and talk shows nationwide including Good Morning America, The Dr. Oz Show, Oprah & Friends, CNN, and Fox News Health.

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