Print Media Coverage

Dr. Teitelbaum has been interviewed and quoted in hundreds of local and national magazines, newspapers and web sites. The following is a review of his coverage over the past few years.

Yahoo! Canada | Experts Say Scheduling "Worry Time" Could Help Ease Your Nightmares

Good Housekeeping | 8 Ways to Conquer Your Nightmares Once and For All, According to Sleep Experts
Also published in Lady Click

Newsmax Health | Top Expert's Prescription: Don't Be Consumed by Fear

Bottom Line Secrets | Conquering Chronic Fatigue from the Master-Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum
Also published in Player FM

Bottom Line Secrets | Jacob Teitelbaum, MD Archives

The ParentMap Blog | 8 Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep All Night

Taste for Life | Cold & Flu

Entertainment and Sports Today | Think Zinc to fight the Coronavirus by building up your immune system

Natural Practitioner | Pushing Mindful Limits

Eat This, Not That! | 20 Ways Your Body May Be Attacking Itself

ryannctweets | @bennessb Even Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum they were convincing him everybody has Lyme and hes a doctor its how persuasive they can be lol

Health Insiders | Joint Pain Hack Reviews

Eat This, Not That! | 50 Things You're Doing That Put You At Risk for a Heart Attack

Jab News | Dangerous Items in Your Medicine Cabinet
Also published in Newsmax

Remedies | Spring Allergy Relief

The Healthy | 20 Things You Do Before Bed That Sabotage Your Sleep

Newsmax | Herbs That Fight Viruses

HealthInsiders | Biofreeze Reviews - Is It Safe and Does It Really Work?

MSH Health & Fitness | 20 Things You Do Before Bed That Sabotage Your Sleep
Also published in Best Health Online

The List | The worst foods for arthritis

MSN UK | 20 Things You Do Before Bed That Sabotage Your Sleep
Also published in MSN IE and Reader's Digest

Chiropractic Economics | Lifestyle changes and diet for fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue

Bottom Line Health | Is Stress Getting the Best of You?

Woman's World | How to Not Get Hangry

Plaza | Beat Sugar Addiction Now! for Kids : The Cutting-Edge Program That Gets Kids off Sugar Safely, Easily, and without Fights and Drama free download book

Infertility - Fertility Blogspot | HOW IRON CAN HELP OVULATION AND FERTILITY

PopSugar | 5 Ways to Combat That 4 p.m. Energy Slump

The Healthy | These 16 Everyday Things Pose Huge Health Risks

Taste for Life | Alcoholism

Daily Motion | Full E-book The Fatigue and Fibromyalgia Solution: The Essential Guide to Overcoming Chronic


Web Favorites | How to wake up even the groggiest brain

Mother Nature Network | How to wake up even the groggiest brain

Jab News | 6 Secret Causes of Fatigue

Live Trading News | Causes of Fatigue - Live Trading News

Newsmax Health | 6 Secret Causes of Fatigue

Live Trading News | Over the Counter Pain Relief, Pay Attention to the Dosage Instructions

Newsmax | How to Tell Which Pain Medication Is Best for You

Martha Stewart Living | The First Signs and Symptoms of Arthritis

ProHealth | 4 Supplements for Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Fatigue

Natural Practitioners Magazine | Cardiovascular Concerns

Taste for Life | Cataracts

MSN | 13 Surprising Things That Could Be Triggering Your Headaches

Newsmax Health | How to Tell Which Pain Medication Is Best for You

WholeFoods Magazine | Keys to a Healthy Heart

Woman's World | Never be Hangry Again

The List | 7 New Year's resolutions you should make and 7 you shouldn't

Woman's Tale | 7 New Year's resolutions you should make and 7 you shouldn't

Chart Attack | Here's What Most Doctors Think About CBD Oil

Boston Globe | How to stay healthy while traveling this winter

Taste for Life | Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

WholeFoods | Kratom for Chronic Pain?

Martha Stewart | The First Signs and Symptoms of Arthritis

Health Radar | 6 Painful Conditions & How to Treat Them

Taste for Life | Tis the Season

MSN | Doctors Agree: These Are the Best New Year's Resolutions You Can Make for 2020

Hisamitsu America, Inc. | Meet Integrative Health Leader: Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum

Woman's World | 3 Quick Tips for Fast Back Pain Relief

Newsmax Health | Here's When Alternative Medicine Can Save Your Life Read Newsmax

Prevention | Your Easy 7-Day Sugar Detox

Taste for Life | Anxiety

Neuro-Endocrine Immune Muscular Cardio (Twitter) | Chronic Infection and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with Jacob Teitelbaum, MD

Patch | Rose Fitness & Wellness:e Candida Protocol

Woman's World | Quick Relief From Back Pain | Zu wenig geschlafen oder Mittagstief? 6 Tipps, um schnell wieder wach zu werden
(A German website)

Newsmax Health | 12 Lies Doctors Tell You

Natural Practitioner | Lessons From 45 Years: 8 Tips to Thrive as a Healer

Townsend Letter | When People Are Sensitive to Everything

MSN | Feeling Drained? 9 Proven Tricks to Boost Energy Naturally

Natural Practitioner | Conquering Metabolic Syndrome

Natural Practitioner | Diabetes Is Now Optional

Natural Practitioner | Practitioner Roundtable

WholeFoods Magazine | Johnson & Johnson, the Opioid Crisis, and Natural Pain Relief

Health Insiders | Research Proven Pain Relief – Give Your Body What It Needs, The 'Pain' Goes Away

Woman's World | Menopause Keeping You Up? Try These 3 Simple Sleep Remedies Tonight

Bottom Line, Inc. | New—and Natural—Ways to Power Up Your Energy Levels

PEP | Paano magpapayat sa loob ng isang linggo? (Translation from Filipino: "How to lose weight for a week?")

Mother Nature Network | What are the benefits of vitamin D?

MSN Lifestyle | Warning: these 16 everyday things pose huge health risks

MSN Lifestyle | The 12 Golden Rules for Stress-Free Air Travel

Natural Practitioner | Getting People Pain Free Naturally—Without Narcotics

Delicious Living | Reduce sugar cravings: 7 ways

Taste for Life | Anemia

U.S. News | 9 Fibromyalgia Self-Care Tips

Health Breaking News | Tips for Treating ED

MSN | 20 Foods That Can Make Arthritis Worse

Newsmax Health | Seniors the Largest Group Using Marijuana

MSN | 20 Foods That Can Make Arthritis Worse

U.S. News & World Report | 9 Fibromyalgia Self-Care Tips

BestLife | 10 Home Health Tests That Can Save Your Life

Bustle | 8 Unexpected Health Effects Of Sleeping Less Than 8 Hours

Consumer Health Digest | Pain, Including Fibromyalgia, Are Optional!

Taste for Life | Autism

Taste for Life | How to Ease Sinusitis

Taste for Life | Natural Remedies for Asthma

Natural Practitioner | Enter Sandman

Yahoo News | Why Migraines Are a Feminist Issue
Also published in She Knows, Daily Magazine, and WS Tale

Lady Click | Wellness Wednesdays: The differences between Eastern and Western medicine

First for Women | 9 Expert Tips for Falling Asleep Fast

Reader's Digest | 14 Medical Reasons for Your Chronic Lower Back Pain

Alternative Medicine | Are You Hooked on Sugar?

Bustle | 9 Important Things Your Body May Be Trying To Tell You If You're A Light Sleeper

Taste for Life | Cures A-Z (Dr. T's smartphone app as a blog)

Natural Solutions | How to Beat A Sugar Addiction

Bright Surf | Perceptions of chronic fatigue syndrome in the emergency department

Natural Practitioner | Eye Spy

Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients | Diabetes Is Optional

Health Radar | The Danger of Inflammation

Bustle | If You Fall Asleep Easily, It Could Be A Red Flag Of These 9 Things

Bottom Line Inc | Vitamin and Mineral Supplements Nearly Everyone Should Take

O, The Oprah Magazine | 12 Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Headaches

Yahoo Canada Style | Genius Ways to Avoid Colds and the Flu This Season

Newswire | Magnesium Is an Effective Nerve and Muscle Pain Reliever

LA Times | Curious about all the CBD-infused products you see?
Also printed in Orlando Sentinel Online and Baltimore Sun

Taste for Life | Fight Diabetes: Take Charge of Your Health

Chiropractic Economics | The effective tools for battling chronic inflammation

Woman's Day | 15 Genius Ways to Not Get Sick This Winter

Taste for Life | Natural Remedies for Joint Pain Relief

Total Health | Recovering From Fibromyalgia — Am I Crazy?

Chiropractic Economics | Fight the Fire

MSN | 7 things you're doing at night that are making you tired in the morning

Natural Practitioner Magazine | Feeling Fantastic is Easy! Here's How…

Taste for Life | Protective Food & Supplements for Breast Cancer Prevention

Bustle | 7 Ways Inflammation Is Affecting Your Sleep

Erickson Living | What we know about diabetes and how to treat it

Natural Practitioner | Best Defense: Tackling Inflammation

Spotlyte | Why Balancing pH May Be the Secret to Better Skin

Shippensburg News Chronicle | Four simple ways to tune up your nutrition and live healthier longer

Further More | Nutrition Numbers to Live By

Blogarama | Sealy Survey Says: The Better You Sleep, The Better You Look

Bustle | 9 Old Wives’ Tales About How To Fall Asleep More Easily That May Actually Work

Elite Daily | Is Waking Up In The Middle Of The Night Bad For You? Experts Say It's Usually Not A Big Deal

Healthline | How This Daily 5-Minute Workout Can Ease Fibromyalgia Pain

Mercola | How Much Iodine Do You Need and How Can You Get It?

Newsmax | Common Pain Condition Often Dismissed as Psychological Problem

Natural Practitioner | Resolving GI Woes

Newsmax | 10 Top Antioxidant Foods to Improve Your Health

Cooking Light | 10 Expert-Approved Bedtime Habits to Get a Great Night's Sleep

Remedies | Diagetes Is Optional

BRIT & CO | Sleeping in on the Weekends Could Be Good for Your Life Expectancy

Bustle | Science Says These 7 Common Supplements Are Absolutely Pointless To Take

Reader's Digest | 14 Vitamin Brands Doctors Trust Most

Natural Practitioners | Resolving GI Woes

Sleep Review | Eliminating Pain Is Key to Improving Sleep

Newsmax Health | Which OTC Pain Reliever is Best For You & Which Ones You Should Avoid

Newsmax Health | Diabetes Study: Spice More Effective Treatment Than Drug

Chiropractic Economics | A Rested Development

Better Nutrition | Improving Men's Health at Any Age

Mind Body Green | Natural Sleep Aids: 8 Herbs You Can Find In A Grocery Store That'll Help You Sleep Better

Sleep Review Magazine | 4 Frequently Overlooked Conditions That Worsen Sleep Quality

Delicious Living | 30 days, 30 ways sugar check challenge

Newsmax Health | 5-Minute or Less Pain Relief

Capitol Zero | 7 signs you need more sleep — even if you think you don't

Natural Practitioner Magazine | Ouch!

Pilates Style | Are Your Weight-loss Efforts Sabotaging Your Health?

Reader's Digest | 13 Surprising Things That Could Be Triggering Your Headaches

Taste for Life | Spring S.O.S, Herbs to the Rescue!

Natural Practitioner | Keeping the Thyroids & Adrenals Under Control

Reader's Digest | Warning: These 16 Everyday Things Pose Huge Health Risks

Sleep Review Magazine | How to Address Fibromyalgia to Improve Sleep Disorder Treatments

Elite Daily | 6 Little Things That Drain Your Energy Way More Than You Might Think

Natural Practitioner | Keeping the Thyroid & Adrenals Under Control

Sleep Review Magazine | 4 Frequently Overlooked Conditions That Worsen Sleep Quality

Bustle | How To Wake Up In The Morning Without Caffeine, According To Science

Newsmax Health | Fibromyalgia: Causes and Remedies

Newsmax Health | Triggers for High Blood Sugar

Newsmax Health | Runny Noses

Boca Raton Observer | Fantom Pain: Taking a Closer Look at Fibromyalgia, the Controversial Neurological Disorder

Reader's Digest | This Sneaky Health Problem Could Be Behind Your Extreme Stress

Bustle | 11 Old Wives' Tales About Sleep Cures That Are True

Natural Practitioner | Conquering Cardiovascular Health

Organic Spa Magazine | Top 10 Foods for Brain Health

Best Health Magazine | 5 Rules For Lowering Blood Pressure Naturally – Or Even Just Maintaining It

Newsmax Health | 10 Best Gadgets, Apps for Health and Fitness

Prepared Foods | The Young Seniors

Newsmax Health | Lifestyle Changes to Treat Pain

Newsmax Health | Sugar Cravings Caused By Hormones

Newsmax Health | Sugar Cravings Caused By Hormones

Lady Click (and Bustle) | 11 Health Red Flags Women Should Look For In The Shower

Health Central | Nerve, Muscle, and Joint Pain in Thyroid Patients

Northern Kentucky Tribune | The scoop on controlling blood pressure as Thanksgiving holidays intrude (hint: moderation)

Organic Spa Magazine | Brain Food: Experts weigh in on the top 10 foods for brain health

New Idea | 5 weird health benefits of stress

Newsmax Health | Curcumin Beats Diabetes Drug at Lowering Blood Sugar: Study

Addication Prescription | Trump Declares Opioid Crisis a National Emergency and Jacob Teitelbaum, MD., Responds

Domestic Shelters | The Link Between Abuse, Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia

Mind, Body, Green | The Important Role Exercise Plays In Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia

Vitamin Retailer | TuneUpDocs Program Introduces a New Paradigm 
for Medical "Checkups"

Experience Life | 5 Tips for Losing Weight — Without Calorie-Counting

A Woman's Health | Facing Fibromyalgia

Reader's Digest | 12 Things That Need to Part of Your DIY Flu Fighting Kit This Winter

MSN | 7 Everyday Things That Drain Your Energy Levels

AARP | How to Halve Your Sugar — and Eat It Too!

Your Wellness | 7 Must-Have Healing Herbs

Natural Practitioner | New, Free TuneUpDocs Medical Program Introduces New Paradigm
for Medical 'Checkups'

MyInforms | Reduce Inflammation, the Underlying Cause of Many Diseases

Health Medicine Network | 7 Energy Foods to Fight Fatigue

ProHealth | 30 low-cost fibromyalgia and chronic Lyme treatments

Total Health | Recovering From Cancer Related Fatigue

Woman's World | Anti-Aging Supplements That Work

Woman's World | Unlock Your Healthy Genes!

Shape | Iodine Deficiency Is On the Rise Among Fit Women

National Pain Report | 30 Low-Cost Fibromyalgia and Chronic Lyme Treatments

30 Seconds | Fibromyalgia: S.H.I.N.E. Protocol May Help With Treatment & Pain Management of the Syndrome

Natural Practitioner | Bespoke 'Scips

Organic Authority | 5 Reasons an Iodine Deficiency is a Big Time Problem for Your Health

MAX Sports & Fitness | Can You Prevent Cancer?

Better Nutrition | Go Natural in 90 Days

Vitamin Retailer | Natural Products for Pain


Newsmax Health | Candida Causes Irritable Bowel

Natural Practitioner | Bespoke 'Scrips

Amazing Wellness | Pure Energy

Reader's Digest | Warning: These 16 Everyday Things Pose Huge Health Risks

Edge Media Network | Study Shows NSAIDS Associated With 35% Increased Risk of Heart Attacks

Newsmax Health | Natural Treatments for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

First for Women | Tired and bloated no more

ProHealth | 7 Symptoms Pointing to Iodine Deficiency in Fibromyalgia

Parents Magazine | Lets Talk About Your Mood

Whole Foods | Breaking Records and Setting Trends at Expo West

Natural Practitioner Magazine | Coping With Pain

Newswire | Milk Thistle Is Useful Against Alcohol-Related Liver Disease

Newsmax Health | Got Pain? Get Comfrey

Newsmax Health | Low Thyroid Problems Increasing

Total Health | Restless Legs Syndrome

Newsmax Health | Pain Is Not the Enemy

Taste for Life | Constipation

Newsmax Health | New Marker for Chronic Fatigue

Hello Giggles | A doctor explains why eating less sugar can give us glowing skin and more energy

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