CFS, Fibromyalgia & Vitality Videos

In the video below, Dr. T presents a detailed discussion of CFS & fibromyalgia in a series of 20 different topics that runs 48 minutes (over 150,000 views!). We've also broken up this lengthy video into short 2-4 minute segments so that, if you prefer, you can watch just those topics of interest to you. Simply scroll below the video and click the topic you want to watch.

Effective Treatment of Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia

Above Video Broken into Short Segments

Solving the Human Energy Crisis

Modern living is ultra-fast-paced and stressful to our health. Food processing robs us of half the vitamins and minerals in our diet. We get 30% less sleep than we used to. Chemicals contaminate our environment. Countless other stressors are also "tripping circuit breakers" in our heads.

We're in the midst of a "perfect storm" for a worldwide human energy crisis, and it's taking a major toll on all of us.

In this 30-part series, Dr. T explains the many causes and effects of the human energy crisis and shows what you can do to regain optimum vitality.

[This is a 30-part series of 2-3 minute videos. These will automatically play in order, or you can click the three lines in the upper right of the video to display a list of all 30. From there you can jump immediately to any video you like.]

More Health Videos at Dr. T's YouTube Channel

You can watch dozens of additional health advice videos covering topics of fatigue, sleep, pain, hormonal issues and more by visiting Dr. T's YouTube channel.

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