1,000 New Fibromyalgia Doctors?

Published: June 10, 2014

Sometimes it seems to me that health practitioners in different fields are very much like clerics in the various religions — they usually don't talk to one another! Hindu Brahmins don't talk to Jewish rabbis who don't talk to Muslim Mullahs who don't talk to Christian priests. And I mean really talk — a conversation of cooperation and mutual respect, aimed at learning from each other. Likewise, in the area of health, medical doctors don't talk to chiropractors who don't talk to naturopaths, and on and on. When they do get together, they talk about anything but health and healing.

The result is that no one group really knows what the other groups are doing to diagnose, treat and heal disease. And therefore healing options are limited, with people who need help continuing to suffer.


Well, I've spent the past year creating a new organization to change all that — the Practitioners Alliance Network, or PAN. PAN is a network of health practitioners from widely diverse backgrounds who get together to teach and learn. Members share their ideas through an online social platform — a virtual meeting place not unlike Facebook — and by doing so gain insights on alternative ways to improve care for a broad range of health conditions.

So how does building such a community lead to more CFS/FMS trained practitioners? Because in addition to the many benefits practitioners receive by joining PAN, I've created special online training that members can take to give them expertise in treating CFS and fibromyalgia. I am also available to answer practitioner questions and mentor them on how to better help people. Our goal? To create a worldwide network of 500-1,000 well-trained CFS/FMS practitioners by 2017!

Over 250 practitioners have already become PAN members, and we're growing quickly. Part of our mission is to conduct research studies. Our first, which we're starting this week, will be to combine treatment approaches from multiple diverse healthcare disciplines to treat Alzheimer's and dementia. Do you know someone with these conditions who might be interested in being a participating subject? My bet is they can improve considerably, and being in the study is a good way for them to get what will likely be about $5,000 in free care as well (call (410) 573-5389 for more information)!

Here's what you need to know about PAN, and how it can help benefit your care — and your cure!

What Medical Doctors Really Know (Not As Much as They Think They Do!)

When I graduated medical school (back in the Jurassic Period, when men in white coats ruled the earth, or at least the universities and hospitals), I thought that MDs knew 95% of what could help people who were ill, and that the other 5% was a mix of vitamins, herbs and other cute "secondary" techniques. Now I know better. Way better.

My impression now? Standard MD-type medicine comprises about 15% of what is useful. The other 85% of preventive and curative wisdom resides with non-holistic MD practitioners, like naturopaths, chiropractors, nutritionists, herbalists, homeopaths, energy workers, structural therapists, and acupuncturists.

PAN is about having access to 100 percent of the world's healing wisdom. Instead of having only two tools in the toolkit — the drugs and scalpels of MDs — PAN practitioners will have hundreds of tools. In fact, they'll be the first group of practitioners who actually talk to one another, developing and using healing options outside their otherwise limited areas of training and expertise.

Those doctors can also refer their patients to a practitioner who might have a better, more successful approach to treatment. For instance, an MD might refer a patient with back pain to a chiropractor. That's a huge difference from common medical practice, where MDs typically don't refer their patients to a non-MD practitioner — because they're afraid of being seen as a quack.

The Holistic Hologram

One way to think about PAN is that it's a kind of hologram of medicine. Let me explain…

A hologram is a 3-D image suspended in space. If you smash the holographic plate that projects the image, every single piece can still project the entire image. Only the image won't be very clear. The more pieces you add back, the clearer the image you see. In the same way, PAN provides the clearest image of healing for the best treatment outcome. Because it includes all the pieces!

Another way to think of PAN is that it's like a Facebook page for health practitioners. A place where they can come together to share what they know, learn from others, and use others as resources. I'm also on the page, so I can answer practitioner questions, and mentor those who are just starting to develop their integrative skills. (By "integrative," I mean medicine that uses the best of all options, whether it's drugs and surgery, or vitamins and massage.) Right now, we have over 250 practitioners in PAN — and the number is increasing daily!

Click here to learn more about PAN, including how to invite your health practitioner to join for free.

1,000 New Fibromyalgia Practitioners, and How You Can Help

But what about those 1,000 new fibromyalgia practitioners? Well, as part of PAN, I'm offering an 8-hour online workshop to make practitioners experts in treating CFS/FMS, using the S.H.I.N.E. protocol (Sleep, Hormones, Infections, Nutritional supplements, Exercise). Practitioners can take the course at their own pace, and the cost is $695.

If you have CFS/FMS, please consider letting your primary healthcare provider know about the course. In fact, you can give them a special discount code, "patient2practitioner450," that will get them a $245 discount off the course for a net price of $450. This way, you can guarantee that your practitioner is providing you with the best care. We think you're worth it! (Please note this code will expire August 15, 2014.)

Another advantage of this new initiative is that we're using the graduates of the CFS/FMS online course to build an all-new list of qualified CFS/FMS practitioners, so that everybody with the condition can find a top-notch practitioner nearby. Our goal is to get 1,000 well-trained CFS/FMS practitioners by 2017. Let's do it — together!

Discounts for Members

Yet another wonderful feature of PAN is the Buyer's Club. This is a special arrangement that offers PAN members wholesale discounts (typically at rates of 7.5 to 15%) on supplements and other materials, like massage tables and acupuncture needles. (We're even including office supplies!) And I'm not just including any old supplements and materials. I'm picking those that I respect — supplements and materials with proven value that have been successfully used by myself and other practitioners.

Let's Recap…

Because these developments are so new and exciting, I'd like to end this newsletter by summarizing them:

  • Practitioner Alliance Network(PAN), a free membership organization for healthcare practitioners. Our mission is to provide a common platform for health practitioners to share information.
  • Access to "PAN Buyer's Club," a group of companies that offer PAN members special discounts on nutritional supplements and office supplies.
  • Opportunities for cross referrals through a growing community of PAN members.
  • Access to live webinars to be conducted by Dr. Teitelbaum and guest presenters on health topics of interest to practitioners.
  • PAN Foundation Training for CFS & Fibromyalgia, an 8-hour online training course in CFS/FMS for PAN members. Consider sponsoring your doctor! Learn more »
Jacob Teitelbaum, MD

is one of the world's leading integrative medical authorities on fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. He is the lead author of eight research studies on their effective treatments, and has published numerous health & wellness books, including the bestseller on fibromyalgia From Fatigued to Fantastic! and The Fatigue and Fibromyalgia Solution. Dr. Teitelbaum is one of the most frequently quoted fibromyalgia experts in the world and appears often as a guest on news and talk shows nationwide including Good Morning America, The Dr. Oz Show, Oprah & Friends, CNN, and Fox News Health.

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