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Name Full Name Organizationsort descending City State
Linda Wallace Linda Wallace Trinity Texas
Gail Lugo Gail Lugo Westville Indiana
Denise Tow Denise Tow Des Moines Iowa
Pam Carr Pam Carr Elkhart Indiana
Teri Shultz Teri Shultz Sunbury Pennsylvania
Cathy Woodruff Cathy Woodruff Portland Oregon
Rose Ann Green Rose Ann Green San Pedro California
Judy Ireton Judy Ireton Dayton Ohio
Glenda Hester Glenda Hester Yakima Washington
Gloria Cunningham Gloria Cunningham Keller Texas
Dawn Peed Dawn Peed Kewanee Illinois
Terry Carson Terry Carson Arkansas City Kansas
Jennifer Just Jennifer Just Beeville Texas
Annette Murphy Annette Murphy Johnson City New York
Donna Baker Donna Baker Rockford Illinois
Mary Ruth Grose Mary Ruth Grose Temple Texas
Sparrow Ivy Sparrow Ivy Sandpoint Idaho
Jan Russell Jan Russell Rochester Indiana
Sandra Quillin Sandra Quillin Moline Illinois
Tenny Custer Tenny Custer Pasadena California
Dr. Peligrino Peligrino Dr. Peligrino Peligrino Colorado
Christina Justinian Christina Justinian Bothell Washington
Carol Balch Carol Balch Annapolis Maryland
Melodie Meissner Melodie Meissner Nevada Texas
Jennifer or Kathleen Foster Jennifer or Kathleen Foster Turlock California
Sandra Hill Sandra Hill New York New York
Karen Kalivoda Karen Kalivoda Erie Pennsylvania
Angela Neumann Angela Neumann Baltimore Maryland
Bill Guinan Bill Guinan Riverton Utah
Sue Sabol Sue Sabol Bethesda Maryland
Mary Foster Mary Foster Happy Valley Oregon
Carol Hinger-Smith Carol Hinger-Smith Blanchard Iowa
Joy Tucker Joy Tucker Bee Spring Kentucky
Chip Slauter Chip Slauter Houston Texas
Mary Jane Wright Mary Jane Wright Martinsville Illinois
Theresa Zipf Theresa Zipf Kihei Hawaii
Uta Hoehn Uta Hoehn Moline Illinois
Eleanor Maciorowski Eleanor Maciorowski Lakewook New Jersey
Francine Labbe Francine Labbe Chattanooga Tennessee
Mary Ann Stutchman Mary Ann Stutchman Tylertown Mississippi
Kathy Wujek Kathy Wujek Utica Illinois
Alison Weber Alison Weber Orlando Florida
Deborah Bondurant Deborah Bondurant Raleigh North Carolina
Christie Smith Christie Smith Spring Texas
Gail Gail St. Petersburg Beach Florida
Sara Hoffman Sara Hoffman Rochester Indiana
Joyce Kaye Joyce Kaye Bloomington Illinois
Francene Olesen Francene Olesen Portland Oregon
Jacki Barineau Jacki Barineau Tallahassee Florida
Jeanne Jalufka Jeanne Jalufka Corpus Christi Texas