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Fill in your search criteria below to search for a support group in your area. Click on the name in the search results for a complete profile of the support group. (Note: We do not ensure that this information is current. If you have a support group you would like to add, or if you are currently listed here but need to make a change in your information, please contact us.)

Namesort descending Full Name Organization City State
Life After Fibromyalgia Lorraine Life After Fibromyalgia Millis Massachusetts
Lincoln Area FMS/CFS Support Group Liz Busch Lincoln Area FMS/CFS Support Group Lincoln Nebraska
Linda Davis Linda Davis Crete Illinois
Linda Mason Linda Mason Fibrotigue Support Group of Fremont Fremont Nebraska
Linda Wallace Linda Wallace Trinity Texas
Lisa Brauckmiller Lisa Brauckmiller Portland Oregon
Lisa Copen Lisa Copen Rest Ministries, Inc. San Diego California
Lisa Goding Lisa Goding CFIDS Support Group of SW Ohio (Fibromyalgia & Related Disord Centerville Ohio
Lisa Lorden Lisa Lorden Pasadena California
Lisa Mcgrath Lisa Mcgrath Swarthmore Pennsylvania
Lisa Neptune Lisa Neptune Portland Area Fibromyalgia/CFS Meetup Group Tigard Oregon
Liz Campbell Liz Campbell Michigan CFS Support Group Northville Michigan
Logan Area Phone Support Carolyn Edwards Logan Area Phone Support Creola Ohio
Logan County FMS Support Group Susan Zack Logan County FMS Support Group Huntsville Ohio
Loma Linda V.A. Medical Ctr., CFIDS/FM Support Group Mary McKennell Loma Linda V.A. Medical Ctr., CFIDS/FM Support Group Loma Linda California
Lon Smith Lon Smith Trenton New Jersey
Long Beach Area CFIDS/FM Support Group Jim Hurst Long Beach Area CFIDS/FM Support Group Seal Beach California
Luminance Jennifer Verdi, MSW Luminance Coconut Creek Florida
Lynn Gallegos Lynn Gallegos Eaton Colorado
Lynn Richards Lynn Richards Fort Collins Colorado
Lynne Matallana Lynne Matallana NFAC Orange California
Lynnette Horwath Lynnette Horwath Arthritis Foundation Wisconsin West Allis Wisconsin
M. Horowitz M. Horowitz NEW YORK New York
Manasota CFS/FMS Support Group Iris Dubois Manasota CFS/FMS Support Group Sarasota Florida
Manchester Ave CFIDS/FM Support Group Cheryl O'Donnell Manchester Ave CFIDS/FM Support Group Bolton Connecticut
Marcia Baumwart Marcia Baumwart Neodesha Kansas
Margaret Conrad Margaret Conrad West Monroe Louisiana
Marianna Support Group for FMS, CFS, and CMPS Elna Ramos Marianna Support Group for FMS, CFS, and CMPS Marianna Florida
Marilee Butkus Marilee Butkus Oconomowoc Wisconsin
Marilyn Bromley Marilyn Bromley Irving Texas
Marilyn Mclaughlin Marilyn Mclaughlin Eugene Oregon
Marion Nelson Marion Nelson Sarasota Florida
Marjorie Smith Marjorie Smith Rensselaer Indiana
Marly Mckibben Marly Mckibben Pembroke Pines Florida
Martha Johnson Martha Johnson Boulder Colorado
Marti Stone Gibson Marti Stone Gibson Alamo Texas
Mary Ann Stutchman Mary Ann Stutchman Tylertown Mississippi
Mary Conn/Phyllis Fields Mary Conn/Phyllis Fields Fibromyalgia Family S.G. Stanville Kentucky
Mary Foster Mary Foster Happy Valley Oregon
Mary Haas Mary Haas Fibromyalgia support group lynbrook New York
Mary Haynes-Bowen Mary Haynes-Bowen Finding Your Spirit Through Fibrolymalgia/Chronic Fatigue Sunderland, Md. 20689 Maryland
Mary Jane Wright Mary Jane Wright Martinsville Illinois
Mary McKennell Mary McKennell Loma Linda California
Mary Ruth Grose Mary Ruth Grose Temple Texas
Mary Seroski Mary Seroski Boise Fibromyalgia Support Group Boise Idaho
McKenna FM Support Group Jennifer Burgin McKenna FM Support Group New Braunfels Texas
MD Bay Area CFS/Dysautonomia Support Group Toni Marshall MD Bay Area CFS/Dysautonomia Support Group Arnold Maryland
ME/CFS Advocates of Rochester ME/CFS Advocates of Rochester Rochester New York
Medical Professionals/Persons with CFIDS Gail Dahlen Medical Professionals/Persons with CFIDS Greenfield Indiana