Although there are not as many human studies on the use of cherries, they also contain compounds that inhibit COX (inflammation) as effectively as ibuprofen.24 Cherries also possess both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, research suggests that cherries may also inhibit colon and perhaps other cancers.25 Cherries and other colored berries are very high in many antioxidants. As with eating cherries, taking cherry fruit extract is quite safe. Many people find that eating 10 to 20 cherries a day helps their arthritis considerably. 2,000 mg of cherry fruit extract contains the active components present in 10 cherries or 32 oz of cherry juice. Early research, as well as how many people come back for more after they have tried it, which to me is a significant indicator of effectiveness, suggests that cherry fruit extract holds a lot of promise!26-28


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