LaMar Sheppard, DC, CSCS, QME


Chiropractor, Strength Coach & Qualified Medical Examiner

Name of Practice: 

Doctor of Strength

Key Areas of Expertise: 

Medical-legal analysis & reporting. Injury rehabilitation. Navigating healthcare process for musculoskeletal conditions. Exercise prescription & coaching. Nutritional coaching. Biomedical laboratory testing to profile neurotransmitters, hormones & immunity. Managing stages of elderhood.

About My Practice: 

I help clients develop the physical resiliency needed to pursue enriching life experiences. When you expect to live for 80 years, preparing for the long game seems daunting without some assistance to decipher what works for you. I believe exercise is the most impactful routine for developing resiliency; and my progressive skill set enables me to clear obstacles using simple interventions that address chronic injuries, nutritional habits, and preparing for elderhood.

Able to Prescribe Meds: 





(415) 531-0149

Street Address: 

2636 Judah St. #149


San Francisco



Zip Code: 



United States


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