Online Course: The S.H.I.N.E.® Protocol for CFS & Fibromyalgia

S.H.I.N.E. Training for CFS and Fibromyalgia

About This Course

Practitioners (and non-practitioners) can become trained in Dr. T's methods of treating CFS and fibromyalgia using his S.H.I.N.E.® protocol. This training is provided as an eight-hour, self-paced, online course called "Dr. Teitelbaum's S.H.I.N.E.® Protocol for CFS & Fibromyalgia."

This course is now available to you at no charge. You can watch and listen to all eight modules available at the links below. If you like, you can also download the slides that are in these modules (in Word format zipped together). Please note that you need to view the modules on a desktop or notebook computer, as they are not compatible with mobile devices.

NOTE: Since this free version of the course does not measure student enrollment or completion, we no longer offer practitioners the option of being added to our CFS/FMS Practitioner Referal list as a result of "completing" the course.

Modules (Click Each to Launch Animated Slideshow)

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