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Seven Kinds of Pain in Fibromyalgia

Published: July 2, 2018

Fibromyalgia Pain

It's important to realize that pain is not an outside invader. Rather it's part of your body's monitoring system saying that something needs attention. Think of it as being like the red flashing oil light on your car's dashboard. Our research shows that if you give your body what it needs — like putting oil in your car — the pain goes away.

Brain Fog Is Optional

Published: June 15, 2018

Brain fog is a common problem occurring in people of any age, and can be dramatically worse in people with fibromyalgia. This should be distinguished from the cognitive dysfunction caused by Alzheimer's and dementia. Yet it frequently isn't. How to tell the difference? Brain fog is usually evidenced by having difficulty finding a word or a substitution of a word, and problems with short-term memory. But reasoning skills remain intact.

Simply put, with brain fog you keep forgetting where you left the keys. While with Alzheimer's you forget how to use the keys.

Our Privacy Policies Have Been Updated

Published: May 25, 2018

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Keeping your personal data private and secure are important commitments we make to visitors to our websites. As part of this commitment, we have updated our privacy policies to meet the new standards of the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).