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Medications for Fibromyalgia Pain Relief

Published: October 10, 2017

The wonderful thing about comprehensive medicine, which combines holistic and pharmaceutical therapies, is that you have a full tool kit to deal with your problems. Otherwise, it's like going into a shoe store and having only 1 pair of shoes to try on. Using comprehensive Medicine, almost every one can find "a shoe that fits" so you can get your life and health back!

The (Piano) Keys to Fibromyalgia Pain Relief

Published: August 24, 2017
A recent study published in the journal Clinical Rheumatology presents a novel therapy, and gives us a critical key, to easing fibromyalgia pain. Pain has two key physiological components. The first is an electrical signal generated in response to a stimulus and sent to your brain. This is no different than the signal your brain receives in response to the sensations of heat, softness, cold and countless other stimuli. The second component is how your brain reacts to the signal. Unfortunately when the signal is pain, your brain reacts by creating the physiological condition of suffering.

Free Webinar: 10 Tips to Optimize Energy

Published: July 20, 2017

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Free Webinar: 10 Tips to Optimize Energy

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Topic: 10 Tips to Optimize Energy

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